Dive Ranger locates in Krabi Town, Thailand. We welcome all level of scuba diving and if you don't have a certificate, no worry! We can take you to do try dives in one of the most beautiful spots in Thailand. We do a full service of diving with a safety as priority, for example; Open Water Diving Course, Advance Open Water Diving Course, Rescue, Nitrox, Dive Mater, Liveaboard and day trips, as well as supplying diving gears etc. All activities are proceed under PAD​ I’s standard. Krabi is said to be one of the most beautiful diving spots in the world. Thus, you shouldn’t be missing it if you are already here. Example of the dive sites; Phi Phi Island, King Cruise Wrek, Bida Nok, Bida Nai, and Shark Point etc.

Diving​ Trip price.

1. Fun Dive at Phi Phi​ Island​ (for certified​ diver)​ 
Price: 3,900 baht.

2. Fun Dive at Local​ Island​ (for certified​ diver)​
Price: 2,900 baht.

3. Discover​ Scuba​ diving​/Try Dive at Phi Phi​ Island​ (for none certified​ diver)
Price: 4,900 baht.

4. Discover​ Scuba​ diving​/Try Dive at Local​ Island​ (for none certified​ diver)​
Price: 3,900 baht.

5. Open​ Water​ Diver​ (Diving​ Course)
Price: 15,500​ baht.

6. Advance Open​ Water​ Diver (Diving​ Course)
Price: 14,500​ baht

*** All trip​/Course​ Excluded Nation Park​ fee.

Contact: Dive Ranger Krabi Thailand
Tel: 081-697-8515
Email: diveranger.th@gmail.com

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